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"For us planning does not just mean creating our own original projects, but also giving assistance with existing projects, and collaborating with agencies and graphic studios we can trust"

"Everything is created here...or nearly everything"

Nowadays it is essential to understand what an installation will look like before you build it. This offers an infinite number of advantages: an unmistakable, visible proof of what will later be created, the possibility of checking and modifying the installation before it is finally built (imagine the savings involved), the possibility of evaluating the aesthetic impact, the materials involved, the lighting effects and consequently the possible layout of the products and other items.

The designing and the visual rendering of the project are now a service which cannot be omitted with respect to the final production, but the advantages do not stop there. Think of the positive aspects of collaborating with your chosen design studio: the project does not just become “our project”, you are also involved in the designs of others.

We work in harness with the customer defining the most important guidelines concerning the images and the essential functional expositive needs.
The design of a booth with a strong impact, elegant and coherent to the company image both for the structure and the graphic, has solved the customer's needs feflexing the fixed points.
Cad drawings and computerized photorealistic images have allowed us to define in detail togeter with the customer: colours, materials, graphic, lighting eliminating any possible doubt.
Our proposal and the final result, compared with the photo taken at the exhibition is an evident example.

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