The many years of experience we at Effetre have had in the field of trade fair design is your guarantee of success in planning the presentation of your stand ...

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Is your event about to happen? Choose a serious and reliable partner who understands all your needs, including your financial concerns...

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We will plan your display for you, down to the last detail, ensuring your products are given the value and visibility they deserve ...

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Pitti Uomo - January 2022
Customer: Pescarolo
Pitti Uomo - January 2022


Micam - September 2020
Customer: Azurèe
Micam - September 2020

A professional and careful approach towards your projects

Effetre began life as a company specializing in outfitting, and then gradually branched into the fields of organization of events, and of conventions, set-design, display-stands, shops and showrooms.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to guarantee you reliability, punctuality, organizational efficiency and politeness: a complete and satisfying service to fulfill all your requirements.

The team we dedicate to our clients are serious, responsible, competent and professional people who, thanks to their experience in the fields of trade-fair design, and more complex forms of design preparation, are able to offer a secure and reliable made-to-measure service.

What we offer, then, is a complete, all-round service, ranging from planning to customer assistance, to technical aspects, production and installation. By making all our professional skills available, we ensure that our clients are given nothing to worry about.

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